I really enjoyed my time in Denmark - I enjoyed staying with Ronni and seeing where she lives, having brunch and spending a morning with her visiting family, and doing some great sight-seeing. If I had to pick my favorite thing from Denmark though, I would pick the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebaek, a seaside town less than an hour from Copenhagen that reminded me a bit of Cape Cod.

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When I travel underground, I miss out on a lot of what’s going on in Munich. That’s part of why I decided not to buy another U-Bahn semester ticket and have instead devoted myself to biking. I haven’t been biking around the city for too long, but I’ve already started seeing the city differently (and sweating a lot more).

Ronni comes to Munich


Ronni and I at the Bayern Party

If you’ve read my recent posts, you’l know that I went to Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Amsterdam with my friend Ronni. I haven’t written much about our trip yet (I’ll try to catch up over Easter break) but because Ronni was visiting me in Munich from Thursday evening until this morning, I thought I’d let you know what we got up to while she was here. 

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An American in Berlin

If you look at any guidebook that covers Germany, there are sure to be more pages devoted to Berlin than any other city, which is both unsurprising considering that Berlin is the capitol, and completely deserved. There is so much to do in Berlin that planning a short trip there was a bit overwhelming. After all, how was I supposed to choose between so many great sights and museums? In the end, I ended up seeing the major sights (Checkpoint Charlie, the East Side Gallery, the Holocaust Memorial, the Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag, the synagogue), going to two museums (The Jewish Museum and Topography of Terror), and doing a lot of walking around in between. All in all I’m pleased with my choices, but I still wish that I could’ve stayed longer and done more. Luckily it looks like I’ll be going to Berlin at least one more time this semester, but will that be enough to really get to know this city? Frankly, I doubt it. Then again, if I could get to know Berlin that quickly, it wouldn’t be such an exciting place to be.

Berlin street art

It’s a cliche at this point, but Berlin really does have amazing street art and graffiti. Even though I’ve never particularly enjoyed either one of those things, I found myself drawn to both of them over and over again while in Berlin (this is only a small sample of the street art/graffiti photos I took while I was there). Maybe it’s because the city’s recent history has been so tumultuous, but whatever the reason, Berliners definitely have a knack for expressing themselves on the surfaces of their city.

Hilde Domin and the East Side Gallery

While at the East Side Gallery in Berlin, I saw something that reminded me of the third section of Drei Arte Gedichte aufzuschreiben or Three ways to write poem (originally published on its own under the title Postulat or Postulate) by Hilde Domin. Hopefully you can see the connection.

The German original and my translation (which I first did for a class last year and revised shortly before recording the voiceover) are under the cut, along with some of my favorite photos I took at the East Side Gallery.

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Guess who’s back?

As of about 36 hours ago, I’m back in Munich again. Since classes start in a week, I’ll likely stick around for a while, but I don’t mind. As you can see above, spring arrived in Munich while I was gone and the weather is absolutely glorious. So glorious is fact that I’d much rather be biking through the English garden than registering for classes and looking for a part-time job, but such is life.

I wasn’t as good about updating this blog on my trip as I’d hoped I’d be, but I’m still planning on writing about and sharing photos from the past few weeks. In fact, there should be a post about Berlin popping up tonight, so get ready for that. Until then!

Swedish signage

Ronni and I are leaving Stockholm today and flying to Amsterdam. I took even more pictures of cool signs here than I did in Vienna, so I thought the collection merited another post. This time, note the variety of ways the Swedish accent marks - ä, å, and ö - are stylized in signs. The umlauts are written almost like tildes (Swedes handwrite them to look like macrons), a huge contrast from the way they look on German-language signs.