So I’ve decided to take part in a month-long video project called Letters to July. Originally created by film-maker/YouTuber Emily Diana Ruth, the idea behind the project is to make a short video every day in July structured around the idea of a letter written to each day of the month. Her first year of the project was amazing and this year’s iteration is shaping up to be just as good. I decided to do my own version completely on a whim while I was watching her second video of the month, but I’ve tweaked the project slightly. Because I knew this month would be insanely busy, I decided to shoot for videos every other day (I haven’t quite done that, but I will have a lot more time to film and edit over the next two weeks than I had the past week) and even though editing takes me way longer than I want it to, I’m having fun with the project. Since this is my last month in Germany, I feel like it’s a particularly important one to document and it’s certainly been interesting to document it in a different way.

My most recent “letter” is above and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. If you’re interested in following along, the playlist is here or you can just subscribe to my YouTube channel, which is here.